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The Cloud Hotel

Cardboard Therapy

I love making models and I always have. They help me visualize a space and create an experience. Here's a 3'x3' cardboard maquette (model) I have not shown in public before. I started the project during the 2020 Covid lockdown to keep occupied. I had a huge pile of leftover cardboard boxes from our move, a box cutter, no place to go, and nothing else to do. I could always use another cardboard maquette in the studio for drawing projects, even if I never showed it in a gallery. Working with my hands kept me busy and relieved the tension of inactivity and boredom. Documenting my progress from day to day was encouraging. It was satisfying to be able to measure how the project was moving forward in time. I actually looked forward to waking up in the morning and going back to work. Now as I look at the vacant hotel rooms, curtains lifting in the breeze, and empty blue skies, I think something of the isolation of the times unconsciously comes through.

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