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"Patricia Grew It Frank Drew It"

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Botanical Vision (by Patricia Goff)


The seed of potential bursts forth when we realize that the secret to growing things is to “Keep Moving”: keep ourselves moving, keep moving the dirt, the seeds, the plants, the flower pots and the list goes on.

Action and focus; flexibility and vision help us create that flower, herb, or vegetable garden that rewards us with food for the body and the soul. It helps jump us up out of mediocrity into a higher place.

Most of us can think of moments of joyfully contemplating plants (often the inception of a deep desire to see more) where we enjoy the beauty and the order that surrounds us when we engage in their world. There is also movement that precedes those contemplative experiences that cannot be overlooked. Some call it energy.

It’s important to prioritize and care for the most important plants first, knowing you are moving forward and seeing progress even when the energy runs out. This encourages you to continue on. It is a daily practice at some level and in this circadian commitment we guard our attention and refuse to give it to things that deplete our vitality and steal us away from our goal or dream.

The work, that is at first a struggle, actually becomes energizing. So it is with creating a garden and creating the art that represents something that we long for. We hope these paintings and prints of real live botanicals help bring you to a place that transcends the mundane. It is our hope that you will be energized from within, along with the ability to focus on things that are good and lovely to you.

[Note from Patricia: Today I planted a “Lily of the Valley” bush ( Pieris japonica ‘Dorthy Wycoff’ ) that has tiny, fragrant flowers that cover it in the spring and is an evergreen that shows off its pink, orange and green leaves during the winter. Though I experienced a light rain and several ant bites, I am excited to say I feel energized and focused in spite of the struggle. Hopefully that will be enough to get me through the planting of 2 more bushes and a small evergreen tree this week.]

By Patricia Goff

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